Leasing Process – Process – Selling Process

Home Selling With The Schreder Brothers Real Estate Group

  1. Getting Ready
    Discuss your home and objectives with the Schreder Brothers
    Working With A Realtor Brochure
    Multiple Listing Contract
    Property Disclosure Statement
  2. Marketing Plan and Materials
    Professional photos, virtual tours, drone videos, etc
    Social media campaign
    Notify the Schreder Brothers vast professional network
  3. Listing Goes Live
    MLS, Realtor.ca, etc
  4. Showings
    To Prospective Buyers & Agents
  5. Offer Recieved and Presented
    Schreder Brothers advise and negotiate on your behalf
  6. Subject Removal
    Schreder Brothers liaise with Buyers to satisfy subjects
    (Financing, Inspection, etc)
  7. Final Preparations
    Choose a Lawyer/Notary
    Schedule Movers
    Transfer/Cancel Insurance
    Forwarding of Mail
    Transfer/Cancel Utilities
    Change Forwarding Address
  8. Closing
    Sign Documents
    Money Transfers
  9. Take Possession
    Schreder Brothers deliver keys to The Buyer’s Agent

Home Buying With The Schreder Brothers Real Estate Group

  1.  Agency
    Enter into agency with the Schreder Brothers
    *Buyer Agency Acknowledgement Form
    *Buyers Exclusive Agency Agreement
    Working With a Realtor Brochure
  2. Mortgage Pre-Approved
    Getting pre-approved for your mortgage will give you a clear vision of what house you can afford and give you better negotiating power.
  3. Wants & Needs List
    Understanding your wants and needs will help narrow your home search to the home that is right for you.
  4. View Properties
    The Schreder Brothers will give you a guided tour of the home you want to view.
  5. Finding The Right Home
    Once we have found the right home for you, we’ll help you to realise the key points of your offer, prepare your offer, and strategically present & negotiate your offer with the sellers agent.
  6. Conduct Due Diligence
    We’ll need to ensure you are protected: Inspection, title search, property disclosure statement, financing, home & fire insurance, review strata documents (condo/townhouse)
  7. Closing
    Final Preparations: Select a Lawyer/Notary, arrange for home insurance, transfer or cancel utilities & service contracts, make moving arrangments, sign closing documents, and transfer money.
  8. Take Possession
    We give you the keys to your new home and the celebration begins 🙂

Commercial Leasing With The Schreder Brothers Real Estate Group

  1.  Agency
    Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services
    Exclusive Agency Agreement
  2. Determine Your Monthly Budget
    Wants and Needs List
    View Properties
    Prepare an Offer to Lease
  3. Negotiations
    Schreder Brothers Strategically Prepare and Negotiate Your Offer
  4. Accepted Offer
    Landlord Prepares Lease For Review
  5. Subject Removal Conduct Due Diligence
    Tenant’s Due Diligence
    Landlord’s Due Diligence
    Subjects are Removed and Deposit are Submited
  6. Final Preparations
    Transfer Utilities
    Transfer Insurance
    Schedule Movers
    Change Business Address
    Finalize Business Licence
  7. Closing
    Royal Le Page Transfers Deposit
    Provide Insurance Documents To Landlord
    Sign Lease

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