Things To Know Before You Grow

Things To Know Before You Grow

PSA: You can now legally grow 4 marijuana plants in your home.

Before utilizing your green thumb, keep these concerns in mind:

At this time, growing marijuana in your home, regardless of how little (legal or not), will categorize your home as a grow operation. This raises many issues in regards to your real estate.

If you plan to sell your home, you need to disclose that your home was a grow operation. This will impact the ability for potential buyers to get financing to buy your home and it can cause trouble in regards to obtaining home insurance. Historically, homes that have been disclosed as marijuana grow operations sell for way less than market value (if you can indeed find a buyer who doesn’t need financing).

Your home is often your largest investment so take the time to consider all the impacts of growing in your home. For more information, give us a call at 604-530-0231 to discuss or click the link below:

Landlords and Tenants – there is also important information from the link, that relates to how this legislation impacts your tenancy agreements. It is worth the read.


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